How to Enjoy Our Mustard

enjoy-page-titleAll varieties of Music City Mustard can be enjoyed as a dip, a spread or in a favorite recipe.

We currently offer three scrumptious varieties. We will be adding additional flavors in the future, including Herbal Sweet Heat. So, keep an eye on this website, our Facebook page, and/or give us your email address for promotions and new varieties.


A sweeter variety of our tangy mustard. A little heat, but not a lot…for our more delicate palates. Goes great with spicy (or mild) chicken wings, sharper crackers and cheeses, hotter sausages or on sandwiches. Absolutely wonderful on a sausage biscuit…you’ve got to try it!

Sweet Heat

A more robust, tangy taste for those who may live on the wildside. If you’re looking for a little more spice, this is your flavor.  Goes great with all of the above as well as in marinades for steaks and chicken. Try this when you make your deviled eggs for the holidays and family gatherings!

Drunken Sweet Heat

Similar to the Sweet Heat in flavor, but with a bourbon kick…for those who prefer living on the edge.  Goes great with everything listed above as well as in dressings and dips. Try this one in your next steak marinade and impress your friends with this unique flavor!

Of course, we are always up for ideas on ways that you enjoy Music City Mustard! Feel free to let us know where you like it best!  We’ll have some recipe contests in the future and the winner will receive a fantastic prize!