Music City Mustard Devilish Eggs

Due to popular demand, we take these to every event we attend.  Add any variety of Music City Mustard, instead of boring ole Dijon, to your recipe or try our recipe below to create an instant favorite at your table!


6 hard boiled eggs

1/2 cup mayonnaise

2 teaspoons of Music City Mustard (Chef's Fave - Sweet Heat)

Salt & Pepper to taste

Paprika for garnish


Peel and split eggs in 1/2, putting yolks into a bowl and setting aside the egg whites.  Mash together yolk, mayonnaise, MCM, salt and pepper in bowl and spoon into Ziploc bag.  Cut tip off bottom corner of Ziploc and fill each 1/2 egg white with yolk mixture.  Chill for 1 – 2 hours.  Before serving, add paprika as garnish.

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